Financial Documents

Document (2)The Village’s Financial Planning & Reporting Process includes several documents; a Multi-Year Financial Forecast (New in FY2014), Multi-Year Capital Plan (Being Enhanced in FY2015), Annual Budget, Monthly Treasurers Report, Annual Financial Report (Audit) and a Popular Annual Financial Report (New in FY2014).  Please click a step of the process to view related documents.  Financial information unrelated to the Planning & Reporting process may be found on the Other Reports page.

Multi-Year Financial Forecast?The purpose of the Forecast is to promote discussion and analysis regarding the impact of financial trends on the Village’s strategic and capital planning processes.  The Forecast is intended to be used as one of the many tools to assist Village leaders in the strategic planning process.  The Forecast is prepared and discussed prior to the Annual Budget Process.  The Forecast is then updated with approved budget figures and presented as an appendix to the Annual Budget, as such the Forecast does not include all of the detail on revenues and expenditures otherwise found in the Annual Budget Document.

Multi-Year Financial Forecast
Multi-Year Capital PlanThe Village’s Multi-Year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is part of the long term strategic planning process.  The CIP is presented annually as part of the financial planning and reporting process.  Each year, Village staff meets with the Village’s Engineering consultants to update the CIP. The updated Plan is then presented to the Village Board in the fall in conjunction with the Multi-Year Financial Forecast which outlines available capital funding.  

The plan provides information on maintenance and replacement activities for Village facilities and 3 main systems of infrastructure; Transportation & Drainage, Water and Sanitary Sewer. 

The CIP is designed to focus on maintaining the Village’s existing assets as well as long range planning for upgrade and expansion as community needs evolve.  The Plan is developed with input from the Village Board, Staff and consultants.  

Multi-Year Capital Plan

2023 Village Financial Compensation ReportClick here to view the village compensation report for 2024
Click here to view the village compensation report for 2023

Proposed Total Compensation for Village Administrator Scott Hilts
For Consideration by the Round Lake Beach Village Board on November 27, 2023
Salary: $160,000/year (effective November 28, 2023)
Health Insurance: Same benefits available to other Village employees ($29,369)
Life Insurance: Equivalent to one year’s salary
Vacation days: 20 days; Sick days granted: 12 days; Personal time off: 3 days