Document - CopyWater is a valuable resources that plays an important role in everyday life here in the Village. Through the use of sustainable practices the Village is working to conserve and maintain the quality of water provided in the Village. 

But more can be done and you can help the Village increase the quality of local water and help recharge the water table through incorporating green landscaping and green infrastructure on your property. Take a look at the following resources and tips to learn more about what you can do. 
ResourcesStormwater Calculator

  • Want to know how green infrastructure can benefit your home? Take a look at the link above to see how implementing green infrastructure can reduce stormwater runoff. 
Soak Up the Rain

  • Not sure what green infrastructure is and what it can do for you take a look at the link above.
Stormwater Management Commission

  • Want to learn more about local stormwater and what is currently being done take a look at the link above.
  • Construct a Rain Garden 
  • Collect stormwater from gutter with a rain barrel
  • Plant more trees on property 
  • Incorporate native landscaping