The Village of Round Lake Beach strives to provide services that promote a high quality of life. Through the practice of sustainable practices the village aims to continue providing a healthy way of life. The goal of this page is to provide residents resources and tips on sustainability.

Below is a list of days that promote environmental awareness. Each celebration targets a different environmental initiative. Check out the links to find out what you can do to celebrate! 

Document (5) - Copy (3)Earth Day, April

Earth Day, was created to answer a public outcry for environmental protection in 1970 and paved the way for programs such as: Clean Air Act, Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act. Earth Day is a day where individuals from all walks of life come together to support environmental protection.

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Document 5Arbor Day, April
Arbor Day, is a holiday that encourages communities to come together to plant trees. On this day it is important to acknowledge the value of trees and the importance of planting trees for their aesthetic value and the role they play in soil stabilization.

Document (3)World Environment Day, June
World Environment Day, is similar to Earth Day in that this is a day dedicated to spreading awareness and advocating protection of our environment.

National Public Lands Day, September

Document (4)National Public Lands Day, is a day where volunteers gather to improve the health of public lands such as parks and historic sites. This day inspires and encourages environmental stewardship in all green spaces.  

Fun Fact: National Public Lands Day is the nations largest single - day volunteer effort.
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