Fats, Oil, Grease - How do I dispose of them properly?
The first line of defense and the easiest way to solve the FOG buildup problem in our community and help prevent sewerage overflows is by keeping this material out of the sewer system. Here are a few tips;
Never pour grease down sink drains or into toilets.
Scrape grease and food scraps from trays, plates, pots, pans, utensils, and grills and cooking surfaces into a can or the trash disposal.
Pour fats, oils and grease into a container such as an empty jar or coffee can. Once the materials have cooled and solidified and the container is full, secure the lid and place it in the trash.
Don’t put grease down garbage disposals, put baskets/strainers in sink to catch food scrapes and other solids, and empty the drain baskets/strainers into the trash for disposal.
Communicate with your friends and neighbors about the problem of grease in your sewer system and how to keep it out. The solution starts right in your home with your actions.
Electronics-Where can I dispose of?
Electronic Recycling drop off is located on Sunset Drive, South of Hawthorne Drive at the gated Sanitary Plant in Round Lake Beach. 
First Tuesday of the month from 12:30 PM to 3:00 PM
Fourth Tuesday of the month from 7:30 AM to 11:00 AM
  • During snow operations, the Electronic Recycling location will be closed. 
For Round Lake Area Residents Only
No business or commercial Electronics are accepted.
J.U.L.I.E.-What do I do with flags left on my property?
The flags should remain in place for 28 days. The JULIE flags indicate the type of utility that is buried in the ground. High visibility yellow flags are for natural gas, oil or petroleum utilities; Red flags for electrical utilities; Orange flags for communication, telephone or television utilities; Blue flags are for water utilities; Green flags are for sewer utilities and safety white flags show the proposed area of excavation.
Leftover latex paint-How do I dispose of?
SWALCO no longer accepts latex paint at their recycling events. You may find several different options to dispose of your leftover latex paint by visiting their website.  
Used motor oil - How do I recycle?
Recycle used oil and other automotive fluids at participating service stations. Don’t dump these chemicals down the storm drain or dispose of them in your trash.
Mulch-Is it available to residents at no charge?
Yes. Mulch can be picked up at the Public Works Facility.
Pothole - Whom do I call?
For potholes located on Village streets please contact Village Hall at 847-546-2351 to report.
Recycling carts-How do I upgrade?

All residents receive one (1) 65-gallon recycling cart at no charge. Any recyclable items outside of the recycle cart will be collected as long as it is properly prepared (35-gallon container, smaller rigid container not to exceed 50 lbs).

Additional recycling carts (65-gallon and 95-gallon) are both available for an annual fee.
 Please contact Groot at 847-693-2700 for pricing.

Snowfall restrictions - What are they?
In the winter months parking on Village streets can create a problem when there is snow. Here are some helpful rules:
No parking on Village streets from 2:00 am to 6:00 am.
If the snow has not been removed, please continue the “no parking” restrictions until snow removal has been completed.
When there is a snowfall of more than two inches, please do not park on the street. This gives the Public Works Department the opportunity to plow the streets.
Please DO NOT throw snow from your property into the streets since this can create a hazardous condition.
When shoveling or plowing snow from your driveway, pile the snow to the left side of the driveway (when facing your house). This will help prevent snow from accumulating again on your driveway when the snow plows come through your neighborhood.
Snowplow damage from Village trucks-Whom do I call?
If the Public Works Department damages a mailbox or post that was installed according to Village and U.S. Postal Regulations the Department will replace the mailbox and/or post with a standard rural mailbox/post assembly. Please call 847-546-2351 to report damage.
Street light outages - Whom do I call?
Please call Village Hall to report street light repairs 847-546-2351

Street lights on ComEd utility poles are reported directly to ComEd for repair:

Downed tree - What do I do?
The Public Works Department will remove downed trees in the public right-of-way. Damaged trees or trees that fall on private property are the responsibility of the resident.
Tree limbs-Will the Village pick up?
The Village will pick up tree limbs left in the right-of-way only after a storm event. The Village doesn’t always do a Village wide tree debris pickup, however residents can call Village Hall and request for debris pick up service after a storm event.
Water/sewer line break - What do I do?
Contact Village Hall  at 847-546-2351. After hours call Cencom Dispatch at  847-270-9111.