Garage Sale Permits

A garage sale is defined as an occasional sale of used/surplus household goods or personal property owned by the occupier of the residence where the sale is held; or, owned collectively, by a group of persons including the occupier of the premises where the sale is held.

Garage Sale Regulations in the Village Code (Article 9, Section 901.10)
Permit Application & RegulationsAll garage sales require a permit. Come to any counter at the Village Hall and speak with a Clerk. Identification is required to verify that you occupy the address where the sale will be held. There is no fee. Keep your permit until the sale is over, as it must be available upon request of a Village Official.

  • Sales may occur only in residential properties, and may be a maximum of 3 consecutive days between 8am and 8pm each day starting Thursday ending Sunday (example: Thur-Fri-Sat OR Fri-Sat-Sun)
  • A maximum of 3 sales may occur on the same premises within any calendar year, and there must be 30 days between sale
  • Should rain require shutting down the sale, the sale may be extended by one additional day on any of the subsequent 7 days.
Allowed Signage
  • One advertising sign is allowed, not to exceed 5 square feet in area and placed on the premises where the sale is occurring. Corner lots may have 2 signs, one facing each street frontage.
  • A maximum of 4 directional signs may be placed in the Village right-of-ways on Thursdays through Sundays ONLY provided that they: (i) Do not exceed 6 square feet in area, (ii) Are at least 3 feet inside any curb or pavement, and (iii) Are no more than 3-feet from the ground to the top of sign.
  • No sign may be posted for more than 3 days, and all must be removed by 9pm on the sale’s last day.
  • No sign may be attached to street poles, fire hydrants, sign poles, light poles or similar structure. No sign may obstruct line of vision for any driver of any vehicle.
PenaltyViolations mat result in a fine of $100 to $500 per offense. Each day that such violation occurs or continues shall be deemed to constitute a separate offense. *Article 9, Section 901.10 of the Village Code contains all garage sale regulations.