Vacant property registry

The Vacant Property Registry was established in response to the legacy of vacant and abandoned properties originating from the foreclosure crisis. The registry’s most fundamental purpose is to identify such properties so that strategic and proactive efforts may be taken to reduce their harms and costs to the Village and its residents. The Registry allows the Village to communicate with owners (particularly lenders and servicers), enforce property maintenance standards, abate public safety and public nuisance concerns, and collect property-level data for use in its neighborhood revitalization efforts.

Program Guidelines & Ordinance

Review the Vacant Property Ordinance to learn the definition of “registrable property” and all requirements of property owners and property managers. Key features of the VPR include:

  • Annual registration of property (if continues to remain vacant)
  • Provision of all contact information for the owner and property management firm
  • Property must be maintained in compliance with all building codes and property maintenance standards
Register Your Vacant Property

Register your property online here Vacant Property Registration Form Online
Download the PDF application here  Vacant Property Registration Application
For Questions: [email protected]