Mosquito Control

The Village of Round Lake Beach has contracted Clarke Environmental Mosquito Management Inc. to provide mosquito control services for the Village. Clarke has been providing public health mosquito control services since 1946. Learn more online at

Early season mosquito control and how Clarke is operating under COVID-19 restrictions:

With temperatures finally on the rise after heavy rains, mosquito season is upon us and field work has started. With people being home more than usual, residents may begin seeing Clarke vehicles and crews in their neighborhoods. Here is what they are doing:

Inspecting Standing Water Sites

On public and private property including backyards where mosquitoes may breed. If mosquito larvae are found, a product is applied to prevent mosquito larvae from becoming biting adults.

Treating Catch Basins

Storm Drains around town with an extended-control product. Fun Fact: Clarke technicians ride bicycles while performing most catch basin treatments.

Setting and Checking Traps

That are used to monitor adult mosquito population levels. This helps determine when adult control treatments will be needed.

Clarke Portal features a hotline for residents to report standing water sites and mosquito annoyance. Residents may also use the hotline to register for notifications by text or email before planned nighttime adult mosquito treatments.

Clarke Mosquito Update- June 2022

Clarke Mosquito Status Update June 2022