Additions, Basement Finishes & Gut-Rehabs



$275 (if plumbing will be installed)

$300 (if underground plumbing will be installed)

Application Submission

1.Permit application, including list of contractors (click here)

2.Plat of survey, marking location of addition (basement finishes do not need to provide a plat)

3.Proposal from contractor(s), if applicable

4.Three sets of plans, clearly showing:

a.Location of stairs, doors, walls, etc.

b.All electrical, including outlets & switches


d.HVAC, including supplies & returns

e.Kitchens: Location of appliances, sink, island, counters, cabinets, etc.

f.Bathrooms: Location of sink, toilet, shower/tub, etc.

Required Inspections

Total of 6-10, depending on scope of project

1.Insulation (if applicable)

2.Rough Framing

3.Rough Electric

4.Rough Mechanical

5.Final Framing

6.Final Electric

7.Final Mechanical

8.Rough Plumbing (if applicable)

9.Underground Plumbing (if applicable)

10.Final Plumbing (if applicable)

Available Over the Counter