Snow and Ice Control


National Weather Service

Snow & Ice Removal Program

The Snow and Ice Control Program was established to combat winter storms while maintaining public safety and preventing damage to life and property. Public Works Department is responsible for carrying out snow and ice control operations on Village streets and parking lots. Police Department helps monitor the pavement conditions after hours and notifying Public Works Department as snow and ice conditions develop.

Village of Round Lake Beach Responsibilities

  • Round Lake Beach Area: 5.201 mi²
  • Approximately 142 lane miles /90+ cul-de-sacs (Public Works/Contractor)
  • Six (6) Parking Lots
  • Certain but limited public sidewalks

Roads in and around the Village cleared by other agency

  • State of Illinois Routes : IL Route 83 
  • Lake County Routes: Cedar Lake Road, Rollins Road, Fairfield Road, Monaville Road, Hainesville Road
  • Private Roads: Cardinal Lane, Merriwood Lane, Circle Drive / Rollins Crossing (Brixmor). 

The following guidelines are recommended:

Arterial and Collector roads will be fully salted during an initial callout. During long term snow event operations, intersections and sharp curves will continue to be salted. At the conclusion of an event all roads will be salted to reduce icing conditions.

Low volume residential streets will be salted at curves, hills, and intersections during an initial callout. At the conclusion of an event all roads will be salted at curves, hills, and intersections to reduce icing conditions. 

Various public and commuter parking lots is performed by a contractor hired by the Village. 

Pretreatment to Prevent Ice

Public Works is working to stop the ice before the storm begins - introducing an anti-icing method to help keep roads safe when snow is predicted. 

Public Works crews are applying liquid anti-icing chemicals to improve winter driving conditions. Anti-icing is most often done 12-72 hours before the snow events. It is useful at specific pavement temperatures when a bond between ice and the pavement is most likely.

Anti-icing is a tool to maintain better road conditions, but it does not replace road salt, especially during freezing rain or blowing and heavy snow events.  Public Works may also pre-salt for freezing drizzle or light snow and the warmer temperatures.

Here are some helpful rules:

No parking on Village streets from 2:00 am to 6:00 am.

When there is a snowfall of more than two inches, Residents are asked to park vehicles in the driveway or garage while plowing operations are in progress. This gives the Public Works Department the opportunity to plow the streets.

Please DO NOT throw snow from your property into the streets since this can create a hazardous condition.

When shoveling or plowing snow from your driveway, pile the snow to the left side of the driveway (when facing your house). This will help prevent snow from accumulating again on your driveway when the snow plows come through your neighborhood.

Basketball backboards placed on the right of way create a problem for the snowplow drivers. During snow removal operations please remove backboards as soon as possible and any items you may have in the right of way that could cause a problem for the snow plows.


Please make sure your mailbox is attached securely to the post so snow mounds or snow from the plow does not dislodge. The Village will only repair or replace mailboxes/posts that have visual damage from our plow trucks. According to USPS regulations the face of the mailbox must be between 6 to 9 inches back from the edge of the pavement or curb, height from the ground to the bottom of the mailbox must be between 41 to 46 inches

Round Lake Beach Snow Route Map
(Adjustments are made depending on the storm event).